At 16, Charlie realized it was easier to get into a real club in London, than it was to get into the local discotheque, Volts Nightclub, in Kingston-Upon-Thames. It also turned out to be a lot more fun. Between a new love of the 90's club scene and the occasional expedition to get her hair cut at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, Charlie became exposed to a completely different culture. Cool kids from Japan studying hair, urban fashion, London nightlife, DJ's, house music, extreme makeup, and costumes created for one night only. In short, the end of the only life she knew, a quietly conventional life in the South-West London suburbs. 

To support herself Charlie worked in the burgeoning Internet industry. It took her from London to California. Coastal trips and adventures into the Nevada desert opened up a new way of looking at life. A whimsical decision to take a fashion styling class at the Academy of Art in San Francisco changed her life. The teacher was bemoaning the stresses of being a fashion stylist, and complained that if she had her time again she would be 'hair and makeup, because they just roll in and roll out'. 

For the first time Charlie realized that it was possible to be make money and be creative. Combining all the things she loved, fashion, music, hair, and travel, into one career. At this moment she decided to become a session hairstylist and moved to LA to train at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica. Seduced by the weather, the vibrant music scene and the beach, Charlie stayed for 6 sunny years in Southern California before making the move to NYC.

Immediately upon arrival in New York, Charlie began a year long apprenticeship as the first assistant of Yannick D'Is, followed by a 3-year mentorship with industry legend, and Vogue magazine veteran, Didier Malige. For her first job, as the assistant of Yannick, Charlie was flown to Hawaii and participated as part of the crew shooting a Dior commercial. Sitting at breakfast in the Four Season's outdoor restaurant, overlooking the ocean, Charlie decided it was a decent career move. 

Independently working as a hairstylist since 2013, Charlie has had the pleasure of working with many great talents, and enjoys collaborating on projects large and small. 

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