Jennifer was born into a life surrounded by art, music, and beauty. Daughter of the abstract artist Steven Brent of the New New Painters, she was exposed to richness of the New York art scene at a very young age. Her childhood was spent studying the classical works at the Met and in her father’s studio helping him paint. As a teenager, she was taken with the music and punk scene in New York where she spent her time downtown going to shows and becoming friendly with many of the major artists of that time. Her own style was greatly informed by that era.  She started to produce and style creative photo shoots experimenting with growing collection of vintage clothing, makeup, and wigs. She graduated high school with the award for best artist and from there went to pursue a career in art, fashion and theater. 

After obtaining a cosmetology license at the Renasci Academy of Hair, Jennifer moved to NYC to continue her training under the legendary Edward Tricomi at the Warren Tricomi Salon. Very quickly she was swept into the world of fashion, working the runways and mentoring under the top hair and makeup artists in the industry. More recently, Jennifer has collaborated with legendary fashion photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, gracing publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, Interview, Details, GQ, Entertainment weekly, Billboard, Variety and Men’s Health.   Her work has contributed to advertising campaigns for Comedy Central, Clinique, Sephora, and countless others.

Her work is seen on the red carpet with a clientele that ranges from the legendary Bill Clinton, to John Legend, Jeff Bridges and Quincy Jones.  She has cut the locks of Roger Waters, Kurt Russell, J.K. Simmons, Kyle MacLachlan, Paul Dano, and Cheryl Hines.   Her female clients have included Anna Kendrick, Lori Loughlin, Rachel Brosnahan, and Edie Falco. Jennifer has recently completed an education at the Academy of Healing Nutrition by which she is now a certified holistic nutritionist.  Her focus is skincare, and she applies the knowledge of the Eastern Philosophies into catering to the needs of her clients.  She believes that true beauty comes from within, nourishing the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

 Jennifer currently resides in New York City.





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