An artist masters her craft by knowing her tools and materials, inside and out. For makeup artist and industry expert Dani Kimiko Vincent, makeup, skincare and brows are her passions. Committed to helping each of her clients envision and reveal their unique beauty, Dani is known for her focus on enhancing skin and brows, and recognized for her refined hand and less-is-more approach to makeup.

Dani’s makeup artistry has graced the covers and pages of Marie Claire, Time Magazine, Sunday Style, Allure, InStyle, Vanity Fair, VOGUE and Elle among others. She is sought out for her skincare knowledge and dubbed the ‘Brow Sensei’ for her expertise in helping her clients attain the optimal brows which are unique to them. Her beauty advice has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Brydie, Coveteur, WWD and InStyle among other publications.

Dani set out on her post-secondary education with medicine in mind, but quickly realized that her true passion lay in beauty, changing her path from pre-pharma sciences to the study of makeup artistry. She began the product development side of her career in her early twenties, creating cult-favorite fragrances for an indie perfume brand, along with developing their skincare formulas. Equipped with expansive and discerning knowledge of ingredients, formulation and product development, Dani established her place as an industry authority when she launched her Japanese beauty brand KIMIKO - best known for their precision brow products made in Tokyo. Her products were created to give artists and everyday people the tools to create natural looking brows that read true-to-life both on camera and in real life, and they are found in the kits of many of the most esteemed makeup artists today.

As a veteran in the beauty industry with a career spanning more than two decades, she is enthusiastic about education and shares her passion for makeup, skincare and brows with beauty editors and through educational forums, including a joint masterclass with Lisa Eldridge in London most recently. Dani is bicoastal, based in Los Angeles while regularly traveling to New York City for client work. 


Phil Poynter, Paola Kudacki, Alex John Beck, Thomas Whiteside, Kwatu Alston, James White, Miller Mobley, Mackenzie Stroh, Maarten de Boer, Justin Bishop, Art Streiber, Pari Dukovic, Preston Northop, Mina Shum, Adam Reid



Marie Claire, InStyle Magazine, Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, Time Magazine, Variety Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter Entertainment Weekly, SBJCT Journal 

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