"Eminently Wearable" would be the perfect way to describe the looks that Robin Fredriksz gives her A-List celebrity clientele.  On-screen, she has transformed the likes of Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson into their most memorable (and beautiful) characters.  Off screen, she has created some the most coveted red carpet looks of the decade as her substantial press in every major magazine's beauty section shows.  Whether she is contributing to a film or prepping actresses for the red carpet or a magazine cover, Robin works to elicit her clients' inner beauty.  The way Robin sees it: there is nothing more compelling than a woman's inner beauty.

Whether it's a lilac lip and bold lashes for Drew, or an ethereal palette of neutrals on Cate, Robin is known for perfectly finishing a look.  As she explains, "makeup is the final touch that produces that feeling of sensuous confidence."  One often sees this confidence emanating from Robin's clients; women whose identities are enhanced, not masked, through makeup.  It is this feeling that is also seen reflected over and over again in the press' adulation of Robin's work.  In addition to working on some of the most heralded films of the past decade, Robin has also keyed makeup for major commercial campaigns, including Target, Coca-Cola, Nike and Chrysler.  Robin imparts every aspect of her career with her warmth and professionalism. 

What sets Robin apart from other makeup artists is her focus on the human element of her art in contrast to artists who are merely fashion obsessed.  Robin views her craft as a creative and relationship building endeavor.  More often than not, once these heavily lauded actresses are finished shooting for the day, they ask Robin to touch them up rather than remove their makeup; which for Robin, is the most gratifying endorsement of her abilities.  She is inspired most by true talent and by the individual stories that women have to tell.  For Robin, then film industry is like a family - it is a way of collecting lifelong collaborators and friends.

After enjoying a career working with so many talented actresses, Robin wants to bring her philosophy of "wearable inner beauty" to women everywhere.  She is inspired by the fact that today's retail beauty market brings an unprecedented array of color palettes and expert formulations to women all across America at affordable prices - whereas such range and diversity of product was formerly only available to professionals.  Robin would love to explore opportunities to utilize this synergistic moment in product development and retail expansion to bring her philosophy of beauty to women in a more meaningful way.  She is committed to, as she puts it, "making women look and feel their absolute best."




FILM                                                                      DIRECTOR                                                      REQUEST    

UNTITLED PROJECT                                         LILA NEUGEBAUER                                         JENNIFER LAWRENCE                            

THE WAR WITH GRANDPA                                TIM HILL                                                           UMA THURMAN                                      

 JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL                             JAKE KASDAN                                                  MAKE-UP DEPT HEAD

CHAMBERS                                                        ALFONSO GOMEZ-REJON                              UMA THURMAN

HERE AND NOW                                                 FABIAN CONSTANT                                         SARAH JESSICA PARKER 

THE CON IS ON                                                  JAMES OAKLEY                                               UMA THURMAN

TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT          MICHAEL BAY                                                  LAURA HADDOCK

ANNIE                                                                  WILL GLUCK                                                    CAMERON DIAZ

HOT PURSUIT                                                    ANNE FLETCHER                                              REESE WITHERSPOON

THE GOOD LIE                                                   PHILLIPE FALARDEAU                                      REESE WITHERSPOON

NEBRASKA                                                         ALEXANDER PAYNE                                          MAKE-UP DEPARTMENT HEAD

SEX TAPE                                                           JAKE KASDAN                                                    CAMERON DIAZ

THE DEVIL'S KNOT                                             ATOM EGOYAN                                                 REESE WITHERSPOON

THE OTHER WOMAN                                         NICK CASSAVETES                                          CAMERON DIAZ 

BLUE JASMIINE                                                  WOODY ALLEN                                                 CATE BLANCHETT

MUD                                                                    JEFF NICHOLS                                                   REESE WITHERSPOON 

THIS MEANS WAR                                              McG                                                                    REESE WITHERSPOON

WHAT TO EXPECT WHE...                                 KIRK JONES                                                      CAMERON DIAZ

BAD TEACHER                                                    JAKE KASDAN                                                   CAMERON DIAZ

THE GREEN HORNET                                         MICHEL GONDRY                                             CAMERON DIAZ

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS                                  FRANCIS LAWRENCE                                      REESE WITHERSPOON

SHIT YEAR                                                           CAM ARCHER                                                  JAMES MANGOLD

OPERATION: ENDGAME                                      FOUAD MIKATI                                                ELLEN BARKIN

HOW DO YOU KNOW                                          JAMES L. BROOKS                                         REESE WITHERSPOON

KNIGHT & DAY                                                   JAMES MANGOLD                                            CAMERON DIAZ

MY SISTER'S KEEPER                                       NICK CASSAVETES                                         CAMERON DIAZ 

LOVE & OTHER IMPOSSIBLE PURSUITS         DON ROOS                                                      NATALIE PORTMAN

THE BOX                                                             RICHARD KELLY                                               CAMERON DIAZ 

LUCKY YOU                                                        CURTIS HANSON                                              DREW BARRYMORE

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS                               TOM VAUGHN                                                   CAMERON DIAZ 

OCEANS THIRTEEN                                           STEVEN SODERBERGH                                   ELLEN BARKIN

FEVER PITCH                                                      THE FARRELLY BROTHERS                            DREW BARRYMORE

THE HOLIDAY                                                     NANCY MEYERS                                                CAMERON DIAZ 

IN HER SHOES                                                    CURTIS HANSON                                              CAMERON DIAZ 

THE SWEETEST THING                                     ROGER KUMBLE                                                CAMERON DIAZ 

50 FIRST DATES                                                 PETER SEGAL                                                   DREW BARRYMORE 

CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE                    McG                                                            CAMERON DIAZ                             

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