Matt is up for any challenge.
The more impossible it seems, the better.
…and, he likes to have fun.

Born and Raised in West Los Angeles, California, Matt has been behind the lens for over 25 years.

He’s worked with an A-Z list of clients ranging from Apple iTunes, to Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil.

Matt is a master of versatility and flexibility, and is able to shoot in a variety of styles to match any client’s needs.

A true chameleon, Matt’s photography style transcends any one genre or category.  Matt Beard is one of the few photographers able to produce beautiful low-light live action photography for clients such as Cirque du Soleil, then move seamlessly the next day into a complicated studio set-up for an amazing product & fashion photography session with Lucky Brand, and the next day into a natural light setting at a beach location with Celebrities like Hilary Duff or Carmen Electra, and flying off the next day to shoot a celebrity Wedding.  Whatever the challenge may be, Matt is the photographer to call without hesitation.

Matt loves working with, and photographing people.  He strives to bring their emotions and stories to life.  It is his belief, that the input of the Client, Subject and Crew are all extremely valuable, and necessary in getting the perfect shots.

Matt says, “A photograph is not just about the photographer.  It is a recording of a moment in time; which encapsulates the subject, the scene, the era, the idea, and the viewer…as well as all the people involved in making it happen.  Every single photograph is nothing less than a group effort.”

Aside from his personal work, Matt’s ultimate goal is to help his clients find their own vision, and to help bring that vision into reality.

Giving back and paying it forward are also at the core of Matt’s values.  He is proud to have worked with a variety of wonderful Non-Profit organizations such as Levitt Pavilions and The Levitt Foundation, The What To Expect Foundation, F.O.C.A. (Friends of Cal Arts), H.E.L.P. (Hollywood Educational Literacy Project), and the Sesame Workshops (Joan Ganz Cooney Center).

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