• Barons Papillom advertisement

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    Barons Papillom Advertisement with photography by Veronique Vial

  • Tracey Mattingly, LLC Welcomes Photographer Veronique Vial

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    Born in Paris, France, Vial grew up in a very traditional family. When her father gave her a Hasselblad camera for her 19th birthday, he probably never realized that this gift to his daughter would change her life forever.   It wasn’t long before Vial’s captivating work was recognized and parlayed into several photography books spanning the globe. 
    Her first celebrity portraits appeared in A Day in the Life of Hollywood. Additionally, Vial has published several titles, which include, Cirque du Soleil, Women Before 10 AM, Wings and “O” Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio-Las Vegas. Vial is an exclusive back-stage photographer for the famed circus troupe Cirque du Soleil.

    Her work has been seen internationally in magazines such as In Style, Vanity Fair, Amica, and Elle and her commercial work includes campaigns for Dove, Nestlé, and Oil of Olay.

    Veronique’s portfolio can be found at:
    For booking inquiries, please contact: Benoit@traceymattingly.com


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