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    The Hollywood Reporter: The 25 Most Powerful Sylists in Hollywood Featuring Nola Singer

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  • GETTING TO KNOW... Celebrity Hairstylist Richard Collins

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    Well known for his work with young A-list stars like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale (among many others) along with an extensive editorial clientele, celebrity hairstylist Richard Collins has created an incredible reputation for gorgeous hair. This week, we caught up with Richard for our weekly “Getting To Know…” series to find out more! Think you know Richard? You might be surprised!

    TM: What sparked your interest in hairstyling?

    RC: “When I was 16, I got a Saturday afternoon job at a salon in London and ended up falling in love with the creative aspect of hairstyling. I continued to work and learn at that salon for over 8 years before finally making my move across the Atlantic to America.”

    TM: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    RC: “There are three main sources from which I continually draw inspiration. I’m constantly paying attention to street style and street fashion – understanding and learning about what’s popular with teens and understanding current trends. I’m also always researching fashion weeks and am constantly inspired by the creative hairstylist doing the massive variety of runway hairstyles! Lastly, I’m a huge fan of period hair. It’s a lot of fun for me to create modern spins on classic looks and tweaking them to be more accessible with today’s fashion and styles.”

    TM: What’s your favorite way to relax or de-stress?

    RC: “When hair isn’t on my mind, I make a point to maintain a very active and healthy lifestyle -- whether that means simply being out in nature or staying healthy at the gym. Friends are also important! I can usually be found hanging around my closest friends.”

    TM: Where is your favorite place to travel?

    RC: “I love traveling anywhere in Europe. One of the great things about my job is that I have the amazing opportunity to travel across the globe and experience places I may never get to see. I would love to visit Australia – I still have yet to travel there!”

    TM: What’s your advice for aspiring hairstylists?

    RC: “One of the most vital things you can do while learning is to assist many people whose work you admire and respect. It’s very important to become as diverse as possible by assisting many different people in many different environments! Doing this will help you not only find your own unique way of styling hair, but also help you decide what kind of stylist you want to be – either in the salon or out in the field. One of the great things about what we do is that you’ll never know everything – this is what I find so amazing and so thrilling about the career I’ve been fortunate enough to been a part of.”

    Want more from Richard Collins? Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @DickyCollins!

  • GETTING TO KNOW... Celebrity Makeup Artist Debra Ferullo

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    Celebrity makeup artist Debra Ferullo is well-known for her work with A-list clients like Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum, and Emily Blunt, to name a few. We wanted to find out more about the woman behind the brush, so we caught up with Debra for our “Getting To Know…” series! Think you know Debra? You might be surprised!

    TM: What sparked your interest in makeup?
    DF: "I remember being very, very young sitting on my mom's hamper in her bathroom and watching her put on her makeup. It was the late '70s and she was into a more natural look. She wore peaches, browns and corals -- to this day it's still one of my favorite looks. l loved watching her so much and, although I wasn't supposed to, I would sneak in and play with her makeup while she was at work. I guess that's when I realized what I wanted to do with my life."

    TM: What inspires you?
    DF: "I find inspiration in many different sources. My jobs are never same and always changing so my inspiration is always different -- it could be the color or shape of a flower, or even a certain era that inspires me. My inspiration could come from the clothes for a shoot or from a fellow artists' beautiful work. Inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything."

    TM: How do you relax?
    DF: "Between work and my kids, I am lucky enough to stay quite busy. When I do have some down-time and need to relax, I love to go see a movie by myself, take a hike in the hills, or relax in a hot bath with no one banging on the door looking for me (plus, my skin always looks better afterwards)!"

    TM: Where is your favorite place to travel?
    DF: "I have been so fortunate to be able to travel to some of the most amazing, beautiful places on earth and so many of them have left indelible marks in my mind. However, nothing can compete with Boston.  It's where I grew up and its where my family and friends still live -- that makes it my favorite place in the entire world."

    TM: Any advice for aspiring makeup artists?
    DF: "My advice to aspiring makeup artists is to work really hard. Take every job that comes your way. A lot of them will be favors and freebies, but take them anyways because you never know where it might lead. Assist everyone you can and pay attention to everything they have to teach you. You'll learn more assisting than you will at any school! Don't take short cuts -- they never, ever pay off."

    Want more from Debra Ferullo? Be sure to follow her on Twitter at @DebraFerullo, or on Instagram at @DebraFerulloMakeup!

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